Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and Fishing 101


Many times when people want to get into hunting or fishing, whether it is for the first time or getting back into it after a period of time, do not know where to begin. The purpose of this site is to help you along, whether you are trying to get started or maybe want to get back to basics. A lot of times people get the wrong idea about outdoor pursuits, some think it may be too expensive, or time consuming, or think it's about killing some fish or wildlife. Our hope is that we will give you some concise information, along with some interesting stories, and tales of real hunting and fishing adventures we've shared with our friends and family. Because the bottom line is that we all want to enjoy ourselves in our chosen pastimes, and enjoy that time with our loved ones. Some of the things we will strive to do is make the information simple enough that someone who knows nothing will find it accessible, and that someone who knows some will still find it useful, or at least interesting. Some of the things on the site will be old hat for us, other things we will learn right along with you, and get you what works for us, and hopefully you. Thank you for visiting with us awhile, in the meantime keep your boots on the ground and your boat in the water.




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